Miyuki Hoshina Flavell – Japanese Realtor , Real Estate Agent in San Diego

Hello,Welcome to my page. This site contains helpful information related to real estate. It is not only related to purchasing or selling but refinancing, remodeling, repairs, rental issues, any updates, local ordinances related to any of these issues. I hope my articles will help support your concerns and needs.

Miyuki Flavell, originally come from Tokyo, Japan, is well known among Japanese in Southern California as a columnist of Real Estate articles for Japanese newspapers, YUYU and LIGHTHOUSE since 1988. Not only she writes articles in Japanese covering real estate law, new legislations and tax issues, she volunteers herself answering any real estate questions via email or phone call. In the last 2 decades, she has helped tremendous number of tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers. She said “My article was very small when I started…then people asked more and more advise and make me feel good that I can dedicate something back to Japanese society here in San Diego. Now, I created this site to share my knowledge regarding real estate with local Japanese community here in San Diego County.

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